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Welcome to The Unique Classroom!

Welcome to my blog!
Welcome to my blog!

My philosophy on teaching is that if kids can’t learn the way we teach, we must teach them the way they learn. That means my classroom is typically a fun, active and challenging setting.

I created this blog to support other Learning Support teachers like me who are looking for a like-minded community of educators dedicated to our students’ success in the resource room, and in life.
A little bit about me:
This is my eighth year as a special education teacher in the learning support classroom. I currently teach fourth grade, but have taught first, second and third grade, as well. I teach both language arts and math, and have co-taught third and fourth grade in the general education classroom.
I enjoy learning and teaching through games, small group instruction, physical movement, individualized learning goals, and a positive work environment.
When I am not working on school related activities, I like to spend my time with my family. My husband of 20 years and I enjoy traveling together on weekend excursions. Our two daughters are now in their senior year of high school, and are very much looking forward to going away to college next year. Our two “babies,” seven year old Maggie the boxer and six year old Chloe the pug, keep us very active. When I’m relaxing, I love to read, watch movies, and listen to music.
I look forward to this journey of discovery and exploration in the world of special education!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Unique Classroom!

  1. Great idea! I also teach a resource class of students K-2nd grade who don’t do well with all of the cute but “busy” things created for classrooms. What state are you in?

      1. Mississippi uses both. I’m doing pull-out to try and remediate reading but I am in the classrooms every day, too.

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