Happy Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday!

A fellow teacher recently mentioned his dislike for Tuesdays.  I was surprised, since most people feel a great disdain for Mondays.  His explanation was that he’d prepare himself mentally for the struggles of Monday; Tuesday would hit him with all its might and he never saw it coming.

We both agree that Wednesday isn’t so bad because the week is half-way over, Thursday is almost Friday, and Friday is practically the weekend.  I couldn’t help but see his point about Tuesday.  It lies in wait, ready to pounce unexpectedly at its first opportunity.  I don’t drink coffee, so it can happen at any moment.

Well, I made it through this particular Tuesday virtually unscathed.  Some minor bumps that aren’t worth mentioning here.  But I appreciate his philosophy, and together we’re determined to support each other through our trials of the work week.  Now we greet each other every morning with a “Happy [fill in the day of the week here]!”  It instantly puts me in a better mood.

So now I’d like to do the same for you: I hope you had a Happy Tuesday!


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