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Happy Tuesday: The Grass Is Definitely NOT Always Greener


Happy Tuesday.

I just found out that the Director of Pupil Services in my district is retiring.  I am devastated.  I’ve worked under her since she hired me eight years ago, and I can’t imagine anyone else being able to fill her shoes.  She stands firm on her educational philosophies for special needs students.  She goes to bat for each of her teachers.  She respects us and has confidence in how we run our classrooms.  She gives us freedom to make important decisions for our students, and advice when we need it.  She is fiscally responsible, and still manages to support our need for technology and other important classroom materials.  She understands our curriculum because she taught our curriculum.  She is smart.  AND, she has a fantastic sense of humor (something that lately seems in short supply).  In short, she is a great leader.

Our special education pull-out model is one of the last in our area, as other districts have moved to the less expensive, more “PC” push-in model.  She assured us today that she will have a say in who her replacement is, and will seek only candidates who share her philosophy that we need to give our students intensive interventions early so that they can integrate into the general education curriculum sooner. I have faith that she will do her best.

I am not afraid of change; I’ve voluntarily switched buildings from a supportive principal and survived (maybe even thrived under the pressure).  But I know a good thing when I see it, and I know the grass in definitely not greener in this case.

So as I navigate this journey through the transition to a new director, I can’t help but be anxious.

Especially on a Tuesday.

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