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Happy Tuesday: Oops!


It sounds counter-intuitive, but even though I am overwhelmed by my schedule of testing students, and despite the fact that some of my students are testing ME, I still had a good day.  I have great instructional aides who are flexible and willing to change plans on the fly, and I have great students.  We have fun together.

My language arts lesson flopped, and not because my students didn’t understand the concept of author’s point of view.  It flopped partly because of a “technology glitch,” and partly because of a “brain cramp.”  It happens.  I use my Smart Board every day, but not for every lesson.  I try to keep it novel, so students continue to remain engaged.

When I created a Smart Board lesson on author’s point of view, I first used PowerPoint to design some of the “anchor chart” pages with a fun main character, “Mr. Pug.”  I knew the image of a pug would entertain the kids, and I was right.

In transferring the images over to Smart Notebook, though, the images wouldn’t copy and paste accurately.  After I finally found a solution around that issue, I completed the rest of the lesson in Smart Notebook in somewhat of a rush.  It was only during my lesson with my students that I realized that I had First Person and Third Person inadvertently switched.  {“Ugh,” said the pug.}


No problem, I would do a quick switcheroo, before anyone was the wiser.  Or so I thought.  I needed to be able to reach my laptop, but with the PILES of papers stacked in front of it, that wasn’t going to be simple.  My computer has been acting up recently, so the programs I needed weren’t opening as quickly as I wanted.

Long story short, the correction wasn’t as easy a fix as I’d anticipated, and because my time with them is relatively short, there was valuable instruction time lost.  Well, we made the best of it, and my students impressed me with their understanding.  And we had fun with “Mr. Pug,” to boot.  I’ve since taken the time to correct my mistake, and you’ll get a chance to meet Mr. Pug when I upload this funny guy to my TpT store.

Not a bad day, really.


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