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Sunday Inspirations: Organizing My Classroom Library

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There’s a great {free} tool I use in my classroom that I wanted to share with you on this Sunday.  I absolutely LOVE Classroom Organizer.   It’s both a free website and free iPhone/iPad app that I use with my students to keep track of my classroom library.  Did I mention it was free?

It’s also very simple.

When students want to read a book, they log on to the website, search for their name, and choose the book to check out.  It’s really that simple!  It’s taken my students a little time to get accustomed to the routine, because I didn’t discover the tool until later in the fall.  But the process couldn’t be easier.



The app is great, too.  I can scan an ISBN bar code to easily add the title to my online library list, and even check out and return books for students.

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I’ve been reluctant to allow students to take books home before now for fear that I’d lose track of what they took and I wouldn’t get the books back.  But the tool is working out so well, that’s my next step.  I really want to let students take a book home because at least then I know what they’re reading!  And my students don’t always have books at home to read.  Of course, I still might not get my books back, but at least I’ll know which book they have!

Check out the website at !

So here’s my question for you: Do you let your students take books home from your classroom library?  If you do, how do you manage it so you see your books again?


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