Homework by any other name . . .

My thoughts exactly…


Brian Harris responds to a post about homework on Education Week with several uncomfortable phrases.

“. . . perfectly capable students don’t seem to care enough to put forth even a little effort. . . ”

It is this kind of language that makes it impossible to move foreward with the kind of student Harris is describing. Labeling him as “perfectly capable” ends all exploration into what may, in fact, be the barrier to better performance for the student.

The brain is complicated. Learning is its ultimate chore. Researchers have only begun to scratch away at the multitude of steps to each of the countless processes involved in the simplest of tasks. Simple, that is, for those of us whose processes flow unhesitatingly from one step to the next; but, have one weak or slow spot in the progression, and that simple task becomes laborious.

Before we judge our students…

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