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Happy Tuesday: Or should I say, “Happy TO-DO-sday”?

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I have a confession to make:  I am a list-maker.  I inherited the affliction from my dad.  He has a much more severe form than I do.  Not only does he write lists, he KEEPS them.  For years.  Stores them away.  For future reference, I suppose.

I am able to get rid of my lists.  But I get the most satisfying feeling of being able to check things off my list.  Yes, I am one of THOSE people who writes things on her list just to be able to check it off.

When my daughters were born, in those first few weeks, I wrote lists of everything they did.  (In my defense, when you give birth to twins, life can easily spin out of control.  So I needed LISTS to keep from losing my mind – and my control).  So I listed what time they ate, what time they slept, what time they took a bath…  You get the idea.  But there’s no reason to limit my lists to my babies!  I kept lists of what I needed to do between dawn and dusk.  Like take a shower.  That was the most rewarding check of the day.

But as I get older, I’m finding that my lists are less about gratification and more about a lack of memory.  My now-teenage-daughters like to remind me how often I forget things.  I know this already.  I practically self-diagnosed early-onset Alzheimer’s after reading Still Alice last year.

When I got my iPhone, I fell in love with the Reminders app.  It was made for me.  I use it every day.  I actually justified spending $100 on the iPhone 4 just for the Reminders app after I forgot to pick my daughter up from school once.  I have yet to forget since, I’m happy to tell you.



I also discovered an app called Simplist.  I love the name.  According to, this app lets me “create checklists, grocery lists, shopping lists, task and to-do lists.”  So you see, how could I not use it?  I even keep my husband’s bucket list on it!  (Mine is on Pinterest, of course).






I even love its app logo. So simple.

I also have a separate grocery shopping list app called ShopShop.  It even lets me cross out items on my list before I delete them.  So satisfying!



Keeping track of my school workload is a little more complex.  I need a little more space than my iPhone will allow, so I keep a Google Doc To-Do list, of course.  But the one thing that has kept me in compliance is my IEP Sections Case Manager Checklist.  You didn’t actually think I could get through an IEP without a LIST, did you?

So, yes, I am a bit obsessed with keeping lists.  But I’m not really looking to get rid of this addiction to lists.  Lists keep me organized.  And when I’m organized, I’m happy.

Happy?  Check.

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