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Happy Tuesday: Our 100-Book Challenge Party!

Happy Tuesday JPEG

I just wanted to share a photo of my students at their (they earned it, after all!) 100-Book Challenge Party!

100 book challenge party

It was a HUGE success.  The theme was “pajamas, water ice and popcorn.”  Since my students come to me from separate homerooms, I thought there would be logistical issues with wearing pajamas (I didn’t want them wearing them all day in their homerooms).  But they were so excited about their party, they didn’t mind bringing their PJs to change into!  They really got into the spirit by bringing some stuffed toys and wearing silly socks (After all, I don’t know anyone who wears shoes with their pajamas… Do you?).

Speaking of silly socks… here are mine:


There’s lots of talk on blogs and Facebook about ways to get kids to read over the summer.  Since this is fresh in my mind, I thought maybe I could continue this challenge over the summer.  My students have their logins for Accelerated Reader and would be able to access it from home or the library, so it could serve as a virtual Reading Log.  I’m not sure yet what I would use as their prize in September, so maybe you can give me some ideas?

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