6 Ways for Your Older Teen to Start Great Habits- It’s Never Too Late!

Very insightful!

Parenting Your Kid Through High School

Is your 17, 18, or 19 year-old lacking necessary life skills?  It’s not too late.  It’s true, by the time your kid reaches late adolescence she should have all of the base skills necessary to function in the adult world.  These skills may be rough but they should be there.

At 16, a youth can legally operate a motor vehicle and hold a part-time job in most states.  At 17 a youth can serve as an active duty service member in the United States Armed Forces.  At 18, although he’s still your kid, he’s a legal adult for all intents and purposes.  In no other time in life is there such rapid growth coupled with ever-increasing responsibility than in adolescence.  A high rate of change is happening to them and around them.  No matter how old, adolescents need your guidance navigating the weight of  adulthood well into their early twenties.

We know that becoming an adult doesn’t mean the…

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