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Happy Last Tuesday of the School Year!

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One hundred seventy-six days down, four days to go.  I’m tired.

On one hand, I am sad to see this school year go.  I had a relatively small ELA class this year, and a very small math class (even though I had three groups to work with).  And I’ve been hearing quite a lot lately that next year’s incoming 4th graders are a lively bunch.  So if I thought this year’s group was a lot to handle, I want to appreciate the things I had before I look forward to next year.  The grass isn’t always greener, remember?

But I really didn’t like my schedule this year.  I was at the mercy of eight homerooms.  Eight different schedules.  Let’s face it, everyone runs their room differently, even if the general schedule is the same.  What takes one teacher 45 minutes to finish a lesson on magnets might take another teacher an hour.  That’s 15 minutes of instructional time lost for me if my students don’t come to me on time.  And where do they fit in their classroom economy?  What about birthday celebrations?  And how about if they earn free time as a class?  Most of the time, they occurred during science/social studies, but typically these things spilled over into ELA.  My students suffered this year because of the simple fact that science/social studies came right before ELA.


I am salivating over next year’s schedule already.  Science/social studies is sandwiched between math and lunch/recess.  Which means they will return to me together after recess.  As a group.  Not straggling in, one or two at a time.  Or worse, not at all because they “forgot,” because their class was doing something “fun.”

I hate being Scrooge, but I will take on that role if it means my students make academic progress they can be proud of.

I have often thought that every profession should get an extended time off to rejuvenate mentally.  I put off thinking about tedious things like cleaning out my basement that gets things thrown in there 10 months out of the year, or shredding papers that pile up all school year long.  My spring cleaning takes place in the summer.

And I can’t wait.

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