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Sunday Inspirations: Ever Try Scheduling a Parent Meeting?

Have you ever needed to schedule a meeting with a parent? How about two parents living separately? And have you had to include other people involved in the student’s progress as well, such as another teacher, an administrator, or the guidance counselor? Maybe even a specialist or two?

If you’re a special ed teacher, you know what I’m talking about. IEP meetings are all this and more. I dislike it so much, I will volunteer to write dozens of IEPs, but please don’t make me schedule the meetings!

This is because I feel like a secretary (a job the qualities of which I highly admire, but simply do not aspire to, any more than I aspire to be a school principal), and end up spending more of my time going back and forth between each team member’s available dates, trying to find just one of the seventeen dates/times I originally offered that will work for everyone.

I’m all about efficiency. If I can schedule all my meetings through the use of technology, with said technology doing all the leg-work, I’m a happy woman.

I found just such an app that lets me schedule my meetings at the touch of a few buttons, right on my iPhone. It’s called eMeetMe.

It is currently listed on the App Store for 99 cents, but the lite version does everything I need it to for free (you’ll need to upgrade to be able to create groups).


The app is truly user-friendly. I can request several dates from the IEP Team members, and they only need an email address to respond.



Once everyone responds with their availability, the app does the coordinating for you. It shows you which date and time is best for everyone.


Once that’s done, one more click, and an email confirmation is sent to all team members. It really is that easy.


Trust me. I wouldn’t kid about something like this!



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