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Happy Tuesday: Pinterest for Educators!

Happy Tuesday

Question: What is better than attending a day-long in-service focused on the benefits of Pinterest for teachers?

Answer: PRESENTING a day-long in-service focused on the benefits of Pinterest for teachers!

That is precisely what I had a chance to do at my school the other day.  It was such a wonderful opportunity to share the advantages of a site that offers an abundance of creative and innovative methods for educators to engage their students.

Because Pinterest is considered “social media,” I thought I’d have to argue my case with my administration, stressing the importance of using this innovative new forum where members curate content, organize ideas, and collaborate together.


Once our administration agreed with my rationale, I was off and running, planning different aspects of our day.  Depending on their “entry point skill level,” my goal was for everyone to have an opportunity to create boards, begin following other educators and educational organizations, search for, pin and repin practical ideas, and share and promote original ideas for PD, classroom management, lesson plans that align with the Common Core State Standards, and best practices through online venues.  We even created a collaborative board for each of us to pin to called Pinterest for Educators.

Not only did the participants become fully engaged in the workshop (I only had to use my “teacher voice” a few times 😉 ), but they walked away with materials they created from their pins, and a wealth of resources to begin their school year in the fall!

It was a win-win!  (Or is that “Pin-Pin”?)



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