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Sunday Inspirations: Leave Me Alone, I’m Pinning! Part 1

The Unique Classroom Sunday Inspirations
The Unique Classroom Sunday Inspirations


Sixty-three boards. Seven-hundred sixty-one likes. Five-thousand five-hundred thirty-nine pins. Houston, I have a problem.

The Unique Classroom Pinterest - Amy Marie
The Unique Classroom Pinterest – Amy Marie

I don’t remember the date or even the month when I first discovered Pinterest.  I do remember my first experience with it.  A friend had posted a few pins about home decorating on Facebook.  Because I seemed to share her taste in home decorating style (at least in my dreams), I decided to try it out on my own.  Once I got on (back then, a person needed to be invited to join), I was cautious.  I created only a handful of boards, including My Style and For the Home.  I very hesitantly added a few pins to each, thinking that I didn’t want to overdo it.

Pinterest has proven I have absolutely no will power.

Five-thousand five-hundred thirty pins later, I am sitting before you (at least through our electronic device screens) today with a confession: I have an addiction to Pinterest.  I whole-heartedly admit to it (step one: check!).

When I first started, I didn’t remember that my pins were linked to my Facebook page, so my friends were all witness to my growing obsession.  A few would comment, so I swiftly and quietly changed my settings.  Yes, I found my solution: CONCEAL my problem from the world!  Of course, I overlooked the fact that Pinterest itself is a social networking site, but addicts often ignore the truth.

I quickly created a For the Classroom board that grew to an unmanageable size.  I split it into three categories: For the Classroom, Reading Teacher, and Math Teacher.  Soon, even these became too much.  I now have twelve boards dedicated solely to education, not including my teaching humor, TpT store, and blog boards.

I recently presented a workshop to my fellow teachers on Pinterest for Educators, and not just a few of them were already pinning to their heart’s content.  Presenters are supposed to know more about the topic they’re presenting than the participants who attend.  Sadly, I can say that I did.  I’m not even proud of that fact!

So as it stands now, I have more pins than I will ever know what to do with.  But I have found a workable solution, which I will share with you in my next post.

Be patient with me, folks: I’m only on the first step here.  It’s a long road to recovery!

Now, on to check my Instagram!…

The Unique Classroom Instagram
The Unique Classroom Instagram



5 thoughts on “Sunday Inspirations: Leave Me Alone, I’m Pinning! Part 1

  1. It’s been a super long weekend and I went to Pinterest as I normally do as an escape. I stumbled across your blog and read your Pinterest confession. I laughed so hard that I’m crying. I’ve only been on Pinterest since December 25, 2012 and I’m 352 boards in and 34,000 pins deep. I feel what you’re saying, believe me. You gave me “giggles” tonight. Thank you. I needed that. You’re Pinterest comrade TheBigAWord a.k.a. Gabrielleanne

    1. Gabrielleanne,

      Thank you so much! It’s always good to know someone understands us. We definitely “get” each other! I will have to look for your boards… I’m sure there will be something there I’d like to repin!

      Amy Marie

  2. Ha, my goodness that’s a lot of pins. I’ve struggled with the problem of having things I’ve favorited on Twitter, things I’ve posted on Pinterest, emails I’ve left ‘unread’ so I can come back to those great ideas when the time arises, and bookmarks I’ve made on my browser or my Symbaloo; so many ideas but no way to quickly find (or even remember) the one I want at the time I need it.

    I’ve recently gotten into Evernote and began clipping all of these things from all these different places into my Evernote. I have about 4 different education notebooks as of now, but that will probably grow- I have Education Reform/ Pedagogy, Classroom Management, Lesson Ideas, and Other. Every time I clipped something, I put it in the correct folder but also tagged it; if it was something that was a classroom management technique that I wanted to remember to implement on the first week of school, I tagged it ‘first week.’ Other things that got ‘first week’ were fun icebreakers, creative get to know you student surveys, classroom design, a great first week of school book, etc.

    When I found a website that had a great specific lesson, such as an infographic on how awesome the Mantis Shrimp is, I not only tagged it ‘science’ and put it in the Lesson Ideas notebook, but also tagged it ‘structure’ and ‘function’ for our structure and function unit.

    I’m still developing a good tagging/notebook system but I think it’s going to help me create a database of all this new knowledge to hopefully make some of these things happen in my classroom.

    1. There gets to be a point where there are just too many ways to “file” something digitally! I’m not that familiar with Evernote, although I’ve heard a number of people talk about using it. I decided to download it a couple of days ago, but still haven’t opened it up to use it. I imagined (fantasized, really) that I’d have loads of free time over the summer to catch up on all the organizing I need to do. Ideally, I would like to have something I can access from my phone (even a laptop is a burden to carry around!), so I’m definitely going to try it!

      1. Yeah, accessing it on the phone is great too. The other day I was reading a book and it had a great example of a lesson that would fit perfectly in my class. I took a picture of the video (and you can get it to where it looks more like a PDF than a picture) and then put it in my Lesson Ideas notebook and put the appropriate tags on it; I don’t have to go ‘What was that great geometry idea? And where did I have it’ in a couple of months, I just search the ‘geometry’ tag 🙂

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