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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been a bit preoccupied by a minor thing called #sendingbothofmydaughtersofftocollege and #becominganemptynester, as well as #finishingmygradclasses.  All of this means that I haven’t posted regularly in quite a while.

But wait!  I’ve still been rather busy with school stuff!

With the start of the new school year comes the beginning of a new tenure for our Director of Special Education.  I mentioned that in a recent post in May that I just wasn’t feeling it when I heard our then-Director was retiring.  Obviously, I’m very happy for her.  But considering how good she was to work for, I knew that I couldn’t get that lucky again.

“The jury is still out.”

My special education team discussed setting up a meeting with the new Director over the summer, before the pressures of the school year took over.  We met with her last week, and when I spoke with my team afterward to get their impression, each person said the same thing: “The jury is still out.”  You may remember how strongly I feel about Responsible Inclusion, so I’d asked her if she plans on upending what we have at the elementary level.  Her answer was safe, but hard to determine.

So we’ll have to wait and see.

Monday was my first official day back to school.  It was hard to focus, with my own daughters beginning their classes, but all is well (so far!) on that front.

I have to say that I enjoy our Superintendent’s Welcome.  She’s a funny lady, and isn’t afraid to show it!

B2S13 The Unique Classroom Blog


I came back to school with over a hundred emails.  I suggested in a recent post how to get through your daily emails.  I can be completely honest with you: I only needed one of the Three Ds to sort through all of them.  I was able to delete 97 emails without further need of them.  Read, delete.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I estimated that I’d get them down to 10.  Instagram follower @kla0405 said her money was on eight.  I’m glad she was closer!

102 emails The Unique Classroom Blog


We had to sit through hours of in-service professional development today, and will have even more tomorrow.  I have yet to have more than an hour of uninterrupted time to work in my classroom.  Worse, we heard about the new teacher evaluation system that will be tied to student standardized testing.  And yet, nothing is definite about how it will be implemented, so our many questions went unanswered.  So frustrating!

B2S13 PD The Unique Classroom Blog


One of the many emails I received was a schedule of our MAP testing that will take place in the fall.  But not just any time in the fall.  September 16th, to be exact.  Just what my students need: to have a routine they are barely accustomed to be disrupted for two weeks.

MAP Testing The Unique Classroom Blog


At the end of the day (no, really, at 4:00!), I tried to log on to our IEP program to look over my caseload and prepare to discuss SDIs with homeroom teachers, I discovered my password is “bad.”  And here I thought I raised that password right.  NOT a good start.

IEP The Unique Classroom Blog


I’m going to need my Autogenic Relaxation Training app to get through this!  Then hopefully I can get a little #wonderfulrelaxation and #calmingeffect so I can be in my #happyplace.

Autogenic Training App The Unique Classroom Blog


Or maybe just a #longweekendaway will do the trick.

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