Just a Primary Girl’s Pinspired Thursday Linky!

Mrs. H. from Just a Primary Girl is hosting a Pinspired Thursday Linky Party, where we post any Pinterest-related inspirations we’ve had. I can say that I’ve had over 6,400 “pinspirations,” but I’m not the best with follow-through. I have dozens of boards, with so many wonderful ideas, but they continue to remain in cyberspace. I keep saying, “Just wait till summer!”

I have one (but who’s counting?) Pinterest success, though!

One of my most recent obsessions has been fitness, so I’ve been pinning exercises and healthy foods like crazy. I use Skimble’s Workout Trainer app, which allows users to create two free workouts. I love so many of the workouts available on the app, but there wasn’t a treadmill interval training workout, so I used the Tone It Up Fat Burning Treadmill Workout and recreated it in my Skimble app. It’s great! I burn about 320 calories, and I only cover a distance of about two and a half miles. It takes the dread out of running on a treadmill, and shakes things up a bit!



treadmill interval

I keep hearing that “abs are made in the kitchen,” so I’ve also been pinning lots of healthy recipes. But old habits die hard, so my eye is always drawn to anything that looks… well, chocolatey.  I found this pin of a Chocolate, Banana, and Cashew Smoothie, and I can’t wait to try it! It’s made with Greek yogurt and chocolate soy milk. I wonder if I could add almonds, too…

Maybe I’ll try that this summer…

chocolate banana cashew smoothie

Happy Pinning!

Amy Marie

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