Have You Tried a Book Pollyanna?

If not, I highly recommend it! It was truly the highlight of our winter break party! The kids asked when we could start exchanging gifts the minute we walked into school, knowing full well that they would receive a book — a BOOK — in return!! How awesome is that?!? To get kids excited about reading books is the best gift I could have!!

I asked parents to bring in a wrapped, non-gender specific, gently used or new book (up to $5). They wouldn’t know who would receive their book until the festivities started.


We used a holiday variation of the Wright Family game that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers that has them sitting in a circle with their wrapped book. As I read the story, every time they hear the words “right” or “left,” they must pass their book in that direction. When the story ends, they get to open the wrapped book they’re holding.  

I had a few books ready for any dissatisfied recipients, since one well-meaning family donated a kindergarten level book, and another brought in a book about princesses that ended up with a boy. Only happy smiles here!

This was the best way to celebrate the holidays!! -Amy 



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