How To Get Your Students to See You As a Reader


Every year I share the books that are in my book bag, in order to help my students get to know me a little better, and to see me as a reader. Some titles include How the Brain Learns (I’m a teacher, after all), Eats, Shoots & Leaves (I love grammar!), The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (WDW fanatic here), Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats (yeah, I went there), Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck (I love to laugh), Marley & Me (I love to cry, too!), National Geographic magazines about teen brains and twins (I needed help getting through those years), and Scream-Free Parenting (a LOT of help!).
Then I had my students bring in their own books to share with their classmates. Some found common interests that brought them together, others had a chance to stand out by sharing a completely unique book or background story. And I got an opportunity to learn something new about each student. 
It takes an investment of time (we shared out over the course of three days), but SO worth it!

What do you do in your classroom to introduce yourself to your students?


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