Classroom Management Makeover 

Nothing like starting over in March with a brand new plan!

Keeping track of classroom economy fines is difficult, so I’m hoping that this system will do it for me. The simplicity of this amazes me!

Each week students get an index card. For each infraction, I’ll punch a hole in their card. On Friday, when my banker hands out commissions, students will pay any fines they owe ($5 per hole punch).


Best of all, this isn’t a penalty-only system: I use two hole punches, each with a different shape. One indicates a fine, the other a bonus. On Friday, my bankers pay commissions and bonuses, and collect fines. I love how young kids are incentivized by something so simple and TANGIBLE! We’ll all be working toward earning a prize of some kind, like a party, pajama day, or extra recess, using their commission and bonuses. Kids will have to make good choices throughout the week, then decide what they really want to put their money toward when the time comes. Planning ahead is a key life skill!

What I’ve realized is that every class is UNIQUE (ironic, right?), and what worked for one group might not for another. After ten years, you’d think I’d have caught on sooner! 

How do YOU keep track of your classroom economy, and what classroom management techniques do you use with your students?



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