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Reading at Home

Parent conferences are coming…

The transition for our kids from second to third grade is challenging. The expectations increase as they move from learning how to read to reading to learn. We no longer test them on stories we’ve read together, but rather they must use the skills we’ve worked on all week and apply them as they read passages cold. They are expected to cite evidence from the text, and put that together with what they might already understand about an idea to draw conclusions. And then they must infer not just the reason why the author wrote but also how they feel about it. 🤯

Reading at Home Bookmarks

I’m thrilled to have 100% participation from my students’ parents (shout-out to ClassTag 🙌🏻). I use this opportunity to help parents gain a better understanding of how to help their child become a stronger reader. Regardless of “reading level,” kids are still asked these questions, whether it’s an 80 page beginner chapter book, or a 200+ page novel (in third grade I see this wide range!). And parents don’t always know how to help! Reading the same book as their child is the best place to start.

What tips do you give your parents at conferences?

Download a copy of these bookmarks to give to your parents. I created a PDF and an editable version for you to add your own questions!

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