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The Simplest Sub Notes Ever

#teacherstruggles: Writing sub notes!

I’m so over taking the time to type out new plans for each day I’m absent only to return to find that my sub didn’t really understand what I wanted AND IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.

What we do, the relationships we build, the unique needs of our students can’t always be articulated in sub notes. They have 20 minutes to prepare for their day before they are expected to carry out our lessons with kids they may not have ever met before. Oh, and don’t forget the juggling act I do to meet with each of my guided reading groups each day.

Easiest Sub Notes Ever!

Hence the emergency sub notes that are simplified so my students’ day is still meaningful and productive and I don’t come back frustrated. Click on the image to make a copy of my “Emergency” Sub Notes for yourself!

(And, yes, I tell my sub not to do crafts because apparently that’s something I needed to make clear).

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