How Little Green Men Solved My Chatty Class Problem 

   Teachers Get It After I pinned this idea last week, it got repinned over 300 times. When teachers rally around an idea, attention needs to be paid to it!  I’ve been struggling with a very chatty class this year, and have tried everything, to no avail. I typically use call and response techniques, explicit… Continue reading How Little Green Men Solved My Chatty Class Problem 


Have You Tried a Book Pollyanna?

    If not, I highly recommend it! It was truly the highlight of our winter break party! The kids asked when we could start exchanging gifts the minute we walked into school, knowing full well that they would receive a book — a BOOK — in return!! How awesome is that?!? To get kids excited… Continue reading Have You Tried a Book Pollyanna?


The Simple Solution to Helping Your Students Find Their Own Writing Mistakes 

   Have you struggled with students not finding their own mistakes in their writing?  Even after checking CUPS, there are still errors, and peer editing isn’t any better. Plus, editing for your students only feels like spoon feeding the answers and they’re not really learning from them.  One of my strongest readers struggles finding her… Continue reading The Simple Solution to Helping Your Students Find Their Own Writing Mistakes 


#SummerPD: Student Growth vs. Student Grading

DATA. One little word can strike fear in the hearts of many teachers. Actually, not really. Not anymore. We’re a data-driven society. With pressure from administration to provide data on everything from math fact automaticity to reading literature comprehension, teachers are always on the lookout for ways to measure student growth and achievement. (Data Binders,… Continue reading #SummerPD: Student Growth vs. Student Grading


Schooltastic Films Presents…

While y’all are working on getting your classrooms ready for the upcoming school year, I’m here playing around with iMovie.  Get a sneak peek at MY classroom. I hope you enjoy this trailer! -Amy    


#Summer PD: Cross-Content Reading Strategies

Although many of the strategies that were presented during this summer PD workshop have been around awhile, I was encouraged by several that I hadn’t heard of before, or that were tweaked in a way that made them fresh. ABC Brainstorm This activity (and any variations of it) is meant to help students activate their… Continue reading #Summer PD: Cross-Content Reading Strategies



For teachers, summer is a time to recharge after ten months of hard work. For most of us, summer isn’t all relaxation and toes in the sand. Many of us look at summer as a time to hone our craft. We read professional books, revamp our curricula, and search Teachers Pay Teachers for just the… Continue reading #SummerPD