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Sunshine Blogger Award

I was doing some MAJOR spring cleaning today, but not the kind where my house actually gets cleaned.  I was cleaning out my email inbox.  See, if I can’t use my phone to accomplish a task, the task gets put off for another time.  This is because I am a lifetime member of Procrastinator’s Anonymous.… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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A “Fabulous” Giveaway!

Lacey, from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher, is hosting a 200 Follower Giveaway over at her blog!  I am excited to be a part of it!  I love her blog, and enjoy following her on Instagram (she’s @fabulouslifeofateacher). She’s organized three different sets of prizes: K-2, 3-5 (including my Fiction and Non-Fiction Text… Continue reading A “Fabulous” Giveaway!

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#CollaborativeBlog Naming Contest – 20 TpT Products Giveaway!

  I am pretty excited about this.  Aly from Just A Primary Girl had the phenomenal idea to combine the expertise of so many talented teachers around the blogosphere to create a collaborative blog where we could all share our ideas and resources.  I will participate as one of the teachers with a special education… Continue reading #CollaborativeBlog Naming Contest – 20 TpT Products Giveaway!

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…And the Winner Is…

Woo-hoo! We have a winner!     Congratulations, Deb! Your items are on their way to you as we speak! I got a sneak-peek at all the other items that Deb won, and I am always impressed by everyone’s talent.  There are so many teachers who go above and beyond for their students! Thanks so… Continue reading …And the Winner Is…

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TpT Fall Giveaway hosted by Easy Teaching Tools

I’m excited to be a part of this TpT Fall Giveaway that’s being hosted by Easy Teaching Tools.  The more time I spend around these amazingly talented teachers on Instagram, Facebook and the blogosphere, the more in awe I am.  I continually tell me students that the word “awesome” is banned from my classroom to… Continue reading TpT Fall Giveaway hosted by Easy Teaching Tools

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Hi! Remember Me?

  …because apparently I’ve forgotten! It’s been a while.  I admit that.  I’ve known for several weeks now that I should be blogging.  I have lots of ideas, but I just haven’t gotten into a groove with this school year yet, so blogging gets forgotten. So much so, that when I went to log in… Continue reading Hi! Remember Me?

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700 Instagram Follower Giveaway!

I am having a blast getting to know all the talented teachers across the country through Instagram!  It’s been such a fun ride so far!  I am really excited about my 700+ Instagram followers! Who knew that would happen when I joined just three short months ago? To celebrate, I am hosting my first official… Continue reading 700 Instagram Follower Giveaway!