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#BitmojiTeacher Voice Level Display

My students have never been so aware of voice levels before I started using my teacher Bitmojis! These voice level cards were inspired by Pinterest, of course! All the best ideas are! #PinterestWin I’ve uploaded the template that I used to create mine. Simply put your bitmoj images in place of mine and they’re ready… Continue reading #BitmojiTeacher Voice Level Display

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Kids need help making our procedures into their routines. I print and laminate these simply worded checklists, and if a child is off-task, I silently draw their attention to the card. Anything that saves my time — and sanity!! — during these high-energy times of day is a win! My college professor made the point… Continue reading Checklists!

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Introducing (and Reinforcing) Partner Discussions in the Classroom

Kids inherently know how to talk to each other. They can chat all day about the latest YouTuber or their birthday sleepover party this weekend. When you ask them to discuss an academic topic, however, they’ll pretty much provide surface answers. They might not even listen to what their partner is saying because they know… Continue reading Introducing (and Reinforcing) Partner Discussions in the Classroom

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Book a Day Genre Posters

Although I loved our Book a Day bulletin board, especially its chronological order so I could see at a glance what we read when, I realized how powerful it would be if I combined it with my genre poster display. I created very simple genre posters with descriptions of each, and plan on placing them… Continue reading Book a Day Genre Posters

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Classroom Team Jobs

I used to pull my hair out trying to come up with 24 different jobs for my students, then remember who had what job. It was causing me more work than necessary! I firmly believe that our classroom belongs to my students, so I want them to take responsibility for its care and maintenance. A… Continue reading Classroom Team Jobs

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During our SEL period we discuss different aspects of showing pride in ourselves, including perseverance, respect, integrity, dependability, and empathy. Big words for little kids, but they are capable of mastering these “grownup” ideas. I got this bulletin board up in April, and we’re finally adding our names! My students are signing any one square… Continue reading PRIDE BINGO Board


Importance of Classroom Community Building

The Importance of Building a Classroom Community
The Benefits of Classroom Community Building