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During our SEL period we discuss different aspects of showing pride in ourselves, including perseverance, respect, integrity, dependability, and empathy. Big words for little kids, but they are capable of mastering these “grownup” ideas. I got this bulletin board up in April, and we’re finally adding our names! My students are signing any one square… Continue reading PRIDE BINGO Board


Importance of Classroom Community Building

The Importance of Building a Classroom Community
The Benefits of Classroom Community Building


Making the Most of Your Summer

Making the Most of Your Summer
4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer


The Simple Solution to Helping Your Students Find Their Own Writing Mistakes 

   Have you struggled with students not finding their own mistakes in their writing?  Even after checking CUPS, there are still errors, and peer editing isn’t any better. Plus, editing for your students only feels like spoon feeding the answers and they’re not really learning from them.  One of my strongest readers struggles finding her… Continue reading The Simple Solution to Helping Your Students Find Their Own Writing Mistakes 

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Literacy Pinspiration!

I’m linking up again with Mrs. H. at Just a Primary Girl for Pinspired Thursday! It’s that time of year: things are winding down, and I’m not yet in “Monday Made It” mode, but I wanted to share (at least preliminarily) the Pinterest Inspired activity our 4th grade team is doing: Check out this link… Continue reading Literacy Pinspiration!

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Multiplication Madness!

We’ve been working super hard on our multiplication facts this year, so I took advantage of last month’s March Madness by having our very own Multiplication Madness! It was my first time trying this, so I had looked on Teachers Pay Teachers for something to use, but my needs were so specific that I ended… Continue reading Multiplication Madness!

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I was doing some MAJOR spring cleaning today, but not the kind where my house actually gets cleaned.  I was cleaning out my email inbox.  See, if I can’t use my phone to accomplish a task, the task gets put off for another time.  This is because I am a lifetime member of Procrastinator’s Anonymous.… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award