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Back to School: How to Gather Important Student Information

Whether you’re heading back to brick-and-mortar in-person teaching or you’re teaching virtually this back to school season, you will need to gather your students’ important contact and student identity information from parents and guardians. For in-person teaching, these Student Information Cards are an absolute life saver for me. I keep them on a ring in… Continue reading Back to School: How to Gather Important Student Information

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I’ve partnered with PackIt to show you how much their lunch bag has helped me to stay on track with my healthy eating. I’ve been a procrastinator my whole life. I’ve read that it basically means I value my present self over my future self. Laundry piles up while I read another chapter. New Year’s… Continue reading BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT

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Virtual Meeting Expectations

Because my idea of “embracing the chaos” does not extend to whole class Zoom meetings 🤪 I keep seeing these pop up on Instagram and decided to create my own Zoom Meeting Expectations. I shared this with my students’ parents to ask them to discuss these with their child before tomorrow’s class meeting. I’m hoping… Continue reading Virtual Meeting Expectations

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What I’ve Learned After a Week of Mandatory Online Learning

Everyone’s out here giving advice on how to make online learning a successful experience, from veteran homeschooling parents to newbie teachers. Hindsight is 20/20, and after some reflection, I’d rather share Things I’ve Learned After a Week of Mandatory Online Learning, aka Mistakes Help You Grow I’ve mentioned numerous times that I work on a… Continue reading What I’ve Learned After a Week of Mandatory Online Learning

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Remote Learning in a Digital Age without Digital Resources

I think we live in an amazing age where my students can come to school with 1:1 classrooms and, under adult supervision, access online learning through platforms like Google Classroom. But none of that is guaranteed for many kids once they leave school. We got the unexpected call yesterday that our school would be closed… Continue reading Remote Learning in a Digital Age without Digital Resources

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The Simplest Sub Notes Ever

#teacherstruggles: Writing sub notes! I’m so over taking the time to type out new plans for each day I’m absent only to return to find that my sub didn’t really understand what I wanted AND IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT. What we do, the relationships we build, the unique needs of our students can’t always be… Continue reading The Simplest Sub Notes Ever

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Fluency Self Check

I am fortunate to have a former student who is now in our high school intern with me for this spring semester. I decided to have her work with individual students who need more practice with fluency. But since she’s with me only every other day, I needed a way to have my students continue… Continue reading Fluency Self Check

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Math Facts Punch Cards

My students practice their math facts using XtraMath. They’re seeing their progress and are understandably proud! I decided to create tags to let them be reminded of how hard they’re working, and to encourage them to keep trying! They’re a great visual display of how far they’ve come since September! We just refer to the… Continue reading Math Facts Punch Cards

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Genre Bookmarks

We’ve been talking about genres for ages — okay, for three months, but who’s counting? Wait…me. I’m counting. — so it’s time for my students to begin identifying the genre of their independent reading books using these simple bookmarks! I plan on using them to track their 40 book requirement. I’ve tried everything else I… Continue reading Genre Bookmarks

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Reading at Home

Parent conferences are coming… The transition for our kids from second to third grade is challenging. The expectations increase as they move from learning how to read to reading to learn. We no longer test them on stories we’ve read together, but rather they must use the skills we’ve worked on all week and apply… Continue reading Reading at Home