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Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (It’s A Tigger Thing)

I am thankful.  I realize this is not yet the season for people to be listing their Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful, but I can’t help it; it’s just who I am. I continually reflect on the things I have, and am reminded that many people are not so fortunate.  It’s so easy to… Continue reading Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (It’s A Tigger Thing)

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Sunday Inspirations: “Three Ds”

  I recently read that a common mistake that business people make is to read their emails first thing in the morning.  The article suggested that you read them right before lunch after you’ve had a chance to be “productive,” and are motivated to tackle them so you can move on to lunch.  I like… Continue reading Sunday Inspirations: “Three Ds”

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Happy Tuesday: Or should I say, “Happy TO-DO-sday”?

I have a confession to make:  I am a list-maker.  I inherited the affliction from my dad.  He has a much more severe form than I do.  Not only does he write lists, he KEEPS them.  For years.  Stores them away.  For future reference, I suppose. I am able to get rid of my lists. … Continue reading Happy Tuesday: Or should I say, “Happy TO-DO-sday”?

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Happy Tuesday: I Have the Best Sister

What a Happy Tuesday! I have the best sister, hands down.  She is AWESOME.  In fact, she is the most generous person I know.  I visited her for Easter, and I came home with a box FULL of books.  You heard that right: she gave me a box full of books.  Books for my classroom. … Continue reading Happy Tuesday: I Have the Best Sister

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Happy Tuesday: Look On the Bright Side

It’s Tuesday and I am ready for a break. It’s been a rough few weeks, and I’m looking toward June feeling like I might not make it unscathed. But I thought I should look at the bright side of things, because maybe it’ll help. So here goes… • It may be Tuesday, but it’s also… Continue reading Happy Tuesday: Look On the Bright Side

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A Cherished Childhood Memory

I saw something online today that sparked a vivid memory: an elementary balloon release.  These days such an attack on the environment is frowned upon, but apparently it still occurs.  And I’m secretly glad. First, a disclaimer:  I go green whenever possible.  I recycle and I conserve.  I encourage my students to recycle and conserve.… Continue reading A Cherished Childhood Memory


Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! A fellow teacher recently mentioned his dislike for Tuesdays.  I was surprised, since most people feel a great disdain for Mondays.  His explanation was that he’d prepare himself mentally for the struggles of Monday; Tuesday would hit him with all its might and he never saw it coming. We both agree that Wednesday… Continue reading Happy Tuesday!