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Genre Bookmarks

We’ve been talking about genres for ages — okay, for three months, but who’s counting? Wait…me. I’m counting. — so it’s time for my students to begin identifying the genre of their independent reading books using these simple bookmarks! I plan on using them to track their 40 book requirement. I’ve tried everything else I… Continue reading Genre Bookmarks

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Reading at Home

Parent conferences are coming… The transition for our kids from second to third grade is challenging. The expectations increase as they move from learning how to read to reading to learn. We no longer test them on stories we’ve read together, but rather they must use the skills we’ve worked on all week and apply… Continue reading Reading at Home

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Sunday Inspirations: Year-End Fun

  Our schedule has been disrupted the last few weeks due to end-of-year activities, like our school meetings (each grade “hosts” a school assembly of sorts), school meeting practice, school meeting poster preparation (see a theme here?), Color Day (aka Field Day, which was postponed twice because of inclement weather), swimming lessons (yes, our district… Continue reading Sunday Inspirations: Year-End Fun

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Happy Tuesday: Our 100-Book Challenge Party!

I just wanted to share a photo of my students at their (they earned it, after all!) 100-Book Challenge Party! It was a HUGE success.  The theme was “pajamas, water ice and popcorn.”  Since my students come to me from separate homerooms, I thought there would be logistical issues with wearing pajamas (I didn’t want… Continue reading Happy Tuesday: Our 100-Book Challenge Party!

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Sunday Inspirations: 100-Book Challenge!

I mentioned in an earlier post that for the last three years I’ve implemented a “100-Book Challenge” with my students.  It has been a huge success for my class.  Because of their reading disabilities, my students are not self-motivated to read independently, so I need to persuade them to read.  Not only has this carrot… Continue reading Sunday Inspirations: 100-Book Challenge!

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Happy Tuesday: I Have the Best Sister

What a Happy Tuesday! I have the best sister, hands down.  She is AWESOME.  In fact, she is the most generous person I know.  I visited her for Easter, and I came home with a box FULL of books.  You heard that right: she gave me a box full of books.  Books for my classroom. … Continue reading Happy Tuesday: I Have the Best Sister

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Sunday Inspirations: Snoopy to the Rescue

I teach disenchanted readers. My students have struggled their entire academic careers (as short as that has been at nine years old). I can only imagine what that feels like. So a big part of what I do as their reading teacher, in addition to tackling the difficult job of teaching them HOW to read,… Continue reading Sunday Inspirations: Snoopy to the Rescue


Follow My Pinterest Boards

I’ve only been on Pinterest for under a year, and I admit I’m addicted!  I appreciate things visually, so Pinterest was made for me.  I started out with the “standard” For the Home, My Style, Products I Love, and Books Worth Reading boards, and it quickly grew to add my real passions.  I’m a wife,… Continue reading Follow My Pinterest Boards