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Classroom Team Jobs

I used to pull my hair out trying to come up with 24 different jobs for my students, then remember who had what job. It was causing me more work than necessary! I firmly believe that our classroom belongs to my students, so I want them to take responsibility for its care and maintenance.

A couple of years ago, I was blown away by a post I found on Pinterest: TEAM JOBS. It was one of those light bulb moments, but with the inevitable thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

From the day I implemented Team Jobs in my classroom, I realized that I’ll never — ever! — go back to the old way. Simply put, Team Jobs put every student in charge of something, without having to micromanage each task. Pencil sharpening? Where is my Cleaning Crew? Escorting a student to the nurse? Caring Crew! Collect and hand out materials? Team Captains, you’re needed! No more trying to remember who does what job. Just call for the Crew in charge!

I created visuals to help my students know exactly what their responsibilities are in each Crew. Laminated, these cards can be displayed in a prominent place, along with the names or student numbers written in dry erase inside the rectangle so everyone knows who’s responsible for what. And you’ll always have students keeping their classmates accountable!

I rotate students to a new Crew at the end of our marking periods for two reasons: 1) I want to make sure kids have enough time in their Crew to learn their responsibilities, and 2) I’m too much of a #typeBteacher to do it any more frequently. But do what works for you in your classroom!

Click here to download the PDFs of each of these signs!

2 thoughts on “Classroom Team Jobs

    1. Yikes! I forgot to mention that so I updated my post… Thank you! After learning a little about my students the first week or two, I assign them each to a Crew, then rotate at the end of each marking period to give them time to learn their responsibilities!

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